High Lane, Revitalising Sydney’s Monorail Infrastructure

Habit8 put together a proposal to transform Sydney’s existing Monorail infrastructure into a functional public walkway suitable for inner city recreation, walking, jogging and pedestrian connectivity.  The 3.6km loop track would be the only level disabled access route through the city and is designed to reactivate the Monorail infrastructure, creating a lively, energetic pedestrian pathway for all people to use. The main driving force behind our concept was to promote peoples thinking about the potential value and benefits of reusing existing infrastructure instead of demolishing it.

The walkway is a level path that fluctuates in width between 3-5m and can be designed to accommodate specific constraints, heritage buildings, existing infrastructure and building programs. Our firm envisioned a functional, green path that beautifies the existing infrastructure, greening the pylons as is done with other unsightly buildings, walls and infrastructure throughout the city. We believe the pylons can be effectively renovated to a point where they become engaging ‘green’ features or ‘Structural Urban Trees’ advertising the brave and exciting High-Lane attraction above .

The High-Lane is not about simply getting from point A to point B, but about experiencing, engaging with, and moving through Sydney from above. The concept has ignited a lot of public discussion and has been published in several popular Australian and International magazines, blogs and articles, becoming the number one story in The Sydney Morning Herald on 23rd April 2012. Since then our firm have been dealing with Transport NSW and are looking at doing a feasibility Study into the potential of bringing this concept to life.

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    Landscape Architecture, Place-making
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    CBD, Sydney, NSW, Australia
habit8 - High-Lane Sydney Monorail
habit8 - High-Lane Sydney Monorail
habit8 - High-Lane Sydney Monorail

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