Cronulla Mall Competition

Habit8 provided Southerland Shire Council a refreshing design to the existing Cronulla mall precinct, called “BRINGING THE BEACH TO THE MALL”. The design was an entry to the competition run by Southerland Shire Council.

The mall is more than just a retail environment, it is a public space much like an urban park that brings the community together. The mall is an extension of Cronulla’s famous beaches and waterways.

Public spaces like parks, beaches, and malls are crucial to society, as these are some of the last areas where we connect meaningfully with a wide variety of people and share life experiences. Our public spaces are also one of the few things that we co-own as a society, regardless of income or background. Our proposed design looks to re-define the Suburban outdoor mall by combining a retail environment with a public park to create a meaningful and pragmatic public space that functions as much more than a place for consumers. In linking the Beach, the area’s most famous public space to the mall we help brand and strengthen Cronulla’s position as one of Sydney’s most beautiful family friendly coastal suburbs.

Due to the online and digital revolution, busy lifestyles, recreation choices and the investment into large indoor shopping complexes we don’t naturally gravitate toward shared or public spaces simply to congregate as we once did, to socialize and share news.

Our approach uses diverse techniques such as design, storytelling, public art, and marketing to help create shared spaces that engage and inspire. This is the heart of placemaking, and over time the goal is to let these spaces evolve into public spaces that deepen the public’s connection to particular causes and create a sense of community.

  • Categories:

    Landscape Architecture, Place-branding
  • Client:

    Sutherland Shire Council
  • Location:

    Cronulla, NSW, Australia
habit8 - Cronulla Mall
habit8 - Cronulla Mall

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