Bondi Upgrade

Habit8 produced a conceptual design for the revitalisation of the Bondi Beach foreshore and park to encourage community engagement and discussion regarding future upgrades of Bondi Beach.

Our proposed changes include:
-Removal of car parking which dominates the beach front. Existing carpark spaces should be relocated to a carpark located behind the pavilion possibly up to two levels above ground or some below ground. This allows for a larger park area, a usable transition zone and wide promenade all with easy connections to the beach.

-Walls, balustrades and barriers which separate the park, promenade and beach should be removed and replaced with sitting steps and terraces creating an amphitheatre to the ocean creating easy access and an abundance of places to lie down or sit to appreciate the beach front.

-Where there is a steep level drop north of the skate park, we propose nestling a building with cafe/ bars into the hill with a grassed roof over the building to help it disappear into the landscape. The adjacent outdoor seating adjoining the promenade and beach would be some of the most beautiful places to eat and drink in the world.

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    Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia
habit8 - Bondi Upgrade
habit8 - Bondi Upgrade

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